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Monday, January 12, 2009

Portland HOTTEST burlesque revue-check out this week!

Sahara Dunes
Burly Girl Productions

'Indulgence', Giving You Showgirls, Burlesque, & Tantalizing Dance

Portland, Oregon, January 12, 2009 – Burly Girl Productions proudly presents Portland’s first and only weekly burlesque revue, ‘Indulgence’. Indulgence will take place every Thursday through January, at Hawthorne Theatre (Se 39th and Hawthorne Ave.). Indulgence features some of the sexiest and most talented burlesque performers and showgirls in the NW. The week of January 15th, Indulgence will feature five (5) fabulous performers from the Pacific Northwest. We have a wonderful guest emcee this week. We have none other than the fabulous Splenduh the Unicorn.

Fuchsia FoXXX-
Miss Fuchsia FoXXX has taken the world by storm with her earth quaking shimmies and and marvelous body rolls. Fuchsia FoXXX has fused a variety of traditions and experiences, creating & performing a unique hybrid of exotic dance over the last 10 years. She can be seen undulating & shimming & all over the globe! Based in Seattle, she's a highly sought after instructor in, "The Academy of Burlesque"! Fuchsia FoXXX has performed in the London Burlesque Festival and various venues in Canada, San Francisco, and the Northwest.

Itty Bitty Bang Bang-
Itty Bitty Bang Bang entered the world in the typical way... as a top-secret German weapon of war. The accidental creation of mad scientist Professor X, Itty Bitty was forced into a life as an undercover assassin. The perfect combination of innocence and explosive sex appeal, the Germans new that this saucy minx was their key to world domination. What they didn't count on was her unwavering free spirit and insatiable appetite for mischief. Itty Bitty fled to America and now shimmies her way from stage to stage... still thwarting the German government at every turn. She has been seen in some of The City of Roses best burlesque shows such as The Hellish Holiday Bash, The Burlesque Blowout with The Stolen Sweets & Sassparilla and Indulgence. On Labor Day Weekend 2009 she will travel to the East Coast to perform at the Coney Island Rockabilly Festival. She's ITTY... she's BITTY... and she BANG BANGs!

Meghan Mayhem-Meghan hails from all that is ripe and luscious. ‘The Pacific Pin-Up’ comes from Hawaii and she has twirled her tassels at grand events like the Coney Island Rockabilly Festival, Tease-O-Rama, Tiki Oasis, and Dante’s Sinferno on Sundays. She is one of the creators of The Occasional Man and has performed with The Glam-O-Rama Girly Show. Meghan Mayhem is the mastermind behind the founding of the Cherry Blossom Cabaret. She was introduced to burlesque at age eight when she was selected to perform as a saloon girl to do the can-can. Mayhem discovered the resurgence of burlesque in the early 1990's at a cabaret review starring Dita Von Tease. That moment provided the impetus for Mayhem to form the Cherry Blossom Cabaret in 2006.

Bella Beretta-
Nico Bella is a raconteur and provocateur that has left a trail of infamy down the west coast. In 1999 Nico (Bella Beretta/Sadie LaGuerre) founded Seattle's first burlesque ensemble "The Gun Street Girls". The Gun Street Girls are recognized as vanguards of the "Neo-Burlesque" movement and were the first ensemble in the country to identify themselves as "Punk Burlesque". In 2003 Nico relocated to Los Angeles and brought with her a D.I.Y. ethic and an uncompromising devotion to "Glitter and Gutter" that is evident in everything she puts her stamp on. Her production company Fleur De Lethal has produced "The Lost Weekend:Black Dahlia", The Ooh La L.A. ( Starring Dita Von Teese and Royal Crown Revue) @ The Orpheum, Burlesque @ The Derby and The Tease @ 3's. After a 4 year run in Los Angeles, she returned to Portland and established The Royal Tease and co-produces Cabaret Babylon with the unparallelled Noah Mickens. However, her career as an award winning burlesque dancer is the least interesting aspect of her life. Offstage, Nico has founded 2 book clubs, created an urban drive-in,is an accomplished artist and curates a monthly film series for The McMenamins Theaters. When she is not producing events she is making art, chasing a pug, and always listening to Tom Waits."

Hai Fleisch-
Hai Fleisch began performing 2 years ago in San Francisco, as one of the founding members of Kiss Que C'est Burlesque. She has performed at such shows as the Hubba Hubba Revue, Red Hots Burlesque and the Tease-O-Rama Meet & Mingle. This summer she migrated north to Portlandia where she continues to perform as a solo tassel twirler.

For additional information on Indulgence, contact Sahara Dunes at or visit

ABOUT BURLY GIRL PRODUCTIONS – Burly Girl Productions offers quality and tasteful burlesque entertainment to a socially conscience community. Most events are produced for the benefit non-profits and charitable organizations. Educating the community on the history of burlesque and the importance of such an art form is also a mission for Burly Girl Productions.

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