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Friday, December 5, 2008

Portland all new and ONLY weekly burlesque revue

Hawthorne Theatre has ventured into the wild world of burlesque with their weekly Thursday night burlesque revue.

First, they had Sugar Q Burlesque, who burned up the stage with their sassy, neo-burlesque, Pussycat Doll style.

Now, they have Burly Girl Productions bring in talent from all over the NW. Their opening night was Thursday the 4th and it will continue through the end of January. This show is more like a burlesque variety show then anything, as you will see not only burlesque, but bellydance, singing, contortion and many more talents. And as you know, burlesque it self have many facets within dance, shake n' shimmy, vintage, neo.....the list goes on.

So swing by the good ole Hawthorne Theatre for some stylish, quality burlesque every Thursday night.

Hosted by yours truly, Sahara Dunes.

Stage hands are the Portland Stage Pups, Scout and Red.

Show assistant is the lovely Zora Phoenix.

And just a few performers that will grace our stage...Sadie LeGuerre, Hai Fleisch, Charlotte Treuse, Fuchsia FoXXX (SEA), Jacqueline Hyde (SEA), and many more!

Check back for weekly updates for INDULGENCE.

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